Deal As­sets

Benchmark for the Future

Deal Estate is the first and biggest online real estate platform in Switzerland for vendors and buyers or professional traders of investment and business properties.


Trade Digitally

Deal Estate is digitising the market in business and investment properties. Vendors and buyers will find each other online. With no agents, no marketing, no meetings - and no associated costs. At lightning speed, all around the clock.

  • Deal Estate simplifies and speeds up property transactions.
  • A single- or multi-step bidding process is available for pricing.
  • Routines and documentation are automated. The paperless real estate agent's office is coming.

Networked Dealing

Deal Estate reaches all relevant participants on the market in Switzerland: owners, investors, agents, SMEs, inheritors, notaries and others. The main focus on a small, relevant target group of market participants practically rules out scatter losses in marketing.

  • 500 sector leaders have already been registered and they are regularly online.

Deal Efficiently

The briefs are managed online, status changes reported online, appointments between vendors and buyers arranged online. You can also exchange views in a closed chat room. The transactions are commission-free for the buyer.

  • Deal Estate uses simple language to guide you through registration as well as recording, dealing with and managing properties.
  • The software gives instructions and carries out plausibility checks.
  • Extensive documentation is produced automatically.

Deal Securely

Deal Estate is operated and managed by well-known Swiss companies. Deal Estate meets all of the best practice requirements in the real estate sector.

  • The software and memory are on a server in Switzerland.
  • The data room is secured according to the highest standards.
  • The systems are continually updated.