Deal Ma­kers

As a Buyer on Deal Estate

If you are registered as a prospective buyer, Deal Estate will show you the properties available and the vendors, as well as the status of the single- or multi-stage process. 


As a registered buyer, you can also use Deal Estate in the role of a vendor.
These are some of the practical functions of Deal Estate for prospective buyers.




Data Room

Optimised for real estate transactions. With all of the currently known requirements: changelog, Q+A, modern architecture and much more. All of the documents can be assigned to the relevant sales phase right at the start.



Overview of Prospective Buyers

With all of the potential prospective buyers invited to the purchase process.



Chat Function

Enables direct communication with the seller.



Transaction Summary

Printout of the transaction summary possible at any time; it provides information on all the major aspects of the buying or selling process (compliance).



Making Appointments

Viewing appointments can be offered, arranged and confirmed simply and conveniently through Deal Estate.



Search Function

With selectable search criteria (region, size, type of property); push message when a suitable property is posted



Overview Activities

Personal dashboard with clearly structured view of all activities. For properties you are selling, properties being processed and properties you are buying.



Help Functions

With information and tips from Deal Estate on practically every subject.



Overview Offers

Overview of all offers made, including invited assistants.