Deal Ques­ti­ons

These are questions that are frequently asked.

Deal Estate is self-explanatory. Both during registration and after posting a property and during the offering process. The platform give clear instructions at all times and checks the inputs. If you have any questions, Deal Sup­port will provide information.

Who pays which costs?

Registering with Deal Estate costs nothing. The posting fee must be paid by the vendor. He is also invoiced for the final fee if the property is sold.


Where is my data stored?

Hosting is completely in Switzerland. No data is stored abroad. The data room is certified by FINMA. It meets the highest security requirements known today.


Does Deal Estate evaluate my data?

Deal Estate does not evaluate data itself, nor does it make data available to other people or companies.


Is Deal Estate liable if a prospective buyer does not meet his obligations?

No, Deal Estate is liable only for damage caused by software errors.


Who specifies the time when a property is posted?

The vendor records all of the property data and submits it to Deal Estate for checking. Then, the vendor specifies the time of posting.


Can I use Deal Estate in addition to commissioning a real estate agent?

Yes, the platform offers all of the conditions for a structured and standardised sales process. But it cannot give personal advice or pass on specific expertise.


Can I sell my single family dwelling through the platform?

The platform is geared towards so-called investment properties. It is not suitable for dealing with owner-occupied apartments or single family dwellings, i.e. property that you live in yourself.


How can I, as a buyer or vendor, make contact with the other party?

Deal Estate has incorporated a chat function that encourages and simplifies communication between parties.


Can I offer a property for sale on the platform without stating its identity?

Yes, there are several ways of doing this.  

Option 1: In the first phase, only vague details are issued about a property, e.g. "Office building in the Greater Basel area". The prospective buyer contacts the vendor and he decides when, and to whom, he grants access to all of the data.

Option 2: If the selling option "Not public" is chosen, the property is only visible to people who have been personally invited to the selling process.