Deal Sup­ports

Deal Estate is happy to help with questions

The software is self-explanatory. It gives instructions, asks for documents required and gives tips. It also automatically informs you about all processes and mutations.  These are the most important functionalities supported:


Supported Functions

  • Registering as a user
  • Recording properties
  • Managing properties
  • Making offers in the single- or multi-stage process
  • Managing offers to buy and prospective buyers
  • Chat and appointment arranging between vendor and buyer


If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Deal Estate by email on Aktivieren Sie Javascript um diese geschützte E-Mail Adresse zu sehen.. We will then contact you.

If desired, we will be happy to give you personal advice on general questions or specific transactions.

After re­gis­tration you will receive the most up-to-date macro market data from Wüest Partner AG, and access to be extensive national real estate portals, free of charge.